Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"I was a correspondent for Strange Universe"

Some amusing memories from a column by Steven Ivory, who reported for the 1990s show, "Strange Universe":

... unable to get actor Laurence Fishburne, promoting his 1997 sci-fi flick, “Event Horizon,” to discuss on camera whether he himself believed in aliens from outer space—can’t talk about that,” the thespian tersely said during the interview, I was nervous about turning in my footage.

However ... when the segment aired the following week, there was Fishburne’s sober mug filling up the screen, blowing off my alien question. Then the picture suddenly froze and an ominous voiceover recited the bold print scrolling under the actor’s image: WHY DOES THIS MAN REFUSE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION?? WHAT IS HE HIDING??


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