Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mexican UFO controversy revives

A strange rebuttal to a UFO debunking is making the rounds of Internet sites this week.

In May 2004, news of an Mexican Air Force UFO tape was released to the public. The videotape was shot to record infrared images. The tapes were examined and criticized in an article by the Skeptical Inquirer in 2004. This article focused on anomalies generated in infrared recording and proposed oil well flares as a possible source for infrared UFO images (photo, right).

After a storm of controversy raging in discussion groups last year, the 2004 issue has suddenly revived.

A rebuttal of tape criticism has surfaced today and is making the Internet rounds (you can even find it on this air conditioning blog). The text of this is from a press release apparently issued by UFOlogist Richard Lawrence, though his website does not post a copy.

UFO - The Blog has been unable to find the debunking article that this press release addresses.


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