Friday, August 19, 2005

Activist goads NASA towards Mars

Martian activist Robert Zubrin (right) says time's a-wasting if NASA wants to land men on Mars.
"This thing has got to get underway," Zubrin said while pointing out that the next U.S. President will not have the same ownership of the space exploration initiative given the White House leadership change in January 2009. "If we don't do that, this program stands every possibility of being cancelled circa 2009," Zubrin warned.
Meanwhile, a NASA official says that the agency
will soon publicly reveal its "Apollo-like" space exploration architecture. It will be derived from using space shuttle hardware, sans the orbiter – the crew-carrying space plane. Part of the plan ... is developing a 100 metric ton "Big Daddy" super-lift booster. "That development won't start until after 2010."
One major scheduling issue may be plotting the longer space missions against the solar storm cycles, as space radiation constitutes a major threat to the lives of spacemen.