Friday, August 12, 2005

Indiana man makes Raelian film

A young Indiana filmmaker is producing a documentary about the Raelians. Abdullah Hashem "hopes to discredit the group and ultimately cause it to disband," according to this story.


Anonymous Bill said...

haha. this guy is a joke.
I happened to attend the very seminar he filmed. He didn't infiltrate anything - no hidden camera.
He was among a few different filming teams who were present. The Raelians didn't seem to have anything to hide.
I might also add that I saw none of the "brainwashing members and using sex as coercion to gain access to its members’ finances" that he claims.
The fanatical muslim that he is, is going to have to do some very creative editing to portray what he is claiming.I wished there was more sex and orgies, but I was disappointed in that respect. Looks like this guy will do anything for money and publicity.

4:18 AM  
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