Sunday, December 18, 2005

Reporter to "jumpstart" lawsuit vs. NASA

Leslie Kean (right), a reporter associated with the Sci Fi cable channel, is filing new papers to "jumpstart" the stalled process of obtaining information from NASA related to a 1965 incident in Pennsylvania, local sources report.
Kean wants files on what happened December 9 1965, in the unincorporated hamlet of Kecksburg, about 48km southeast of Pittsburgh.

Witnesses described a "fireball" in the evening sky, and a metallic, acorn-shaped object about 4-4.5m high and 2-4m in diameter that landed gently in the woods, according to media accounts at the time.
Data was sought two years ago under the Freedom of Information Act but has produced nothing so far.

NASA is the object of sought information, in part, because it examined debris associated with the sighting.


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